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Doctums Advisory provides specific outcomes with clear timelines and deliverables.

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Our portfolio includes governance and planning as well as technology and business strategy projects - all supported by effective change-management practices.

Governance and Planning

Technology Portfolio Analysis and Transformation
Streamline your academic tools, eliminate duplicates, and reduce costs. Increase functionality awareness for improved usage and satisfaction.
Technology and Data Governance
Establish a robust governance structure to optimize data-driven decision-making.
Departmental Business Unit Planning
Align academic departments with your institution's strategic vision.
Technology Roadmapping
Stay ahead of the curve with a clear technology roadmap. Prepare for the unexpected and ensure uninterrupted operations.
Business Continuity Planning
Prepare for the unexpected and ensure uninterrupted operations.
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We cover almost every area of institutional operations.
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Application Implementation and Optimization
Seamlessly implement, fine-tune, and optimize the use of critical applications.
Programming and Integration
Fully supported integrations for a unified tech ecosystem.
Solution Architecture
Craft innovative solutions tailored to your institution's unique needs.
Cloud Readiness Assessment
Explore the possibilities of cloud technology for scalable solutions.
SaaS Readiness Assessment
Determine the readiness for Software as a Service (SaaS) adoption.

Business Strategy

Business Process Mapping and Redesign
Optimize workflows for maximum efficiency and productivity.
Constituent Journey Mapping
Enhance the experiences for all stakeholders within your institution.
Higher Education Leadership and Business Planning
Develop visionary leadership and strategic plans.
Technology Selection Support
Explore the possibilities of cloud technology for more scalable solutions.
SaaS Readiness Assessment
Choose the right technology solutions to fuel your growth.
Staff Audit and Rationalization
Align your workforce with your strategic goals for optimal performance.

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We unite a community of like minded, forward thinking institutional leaders and tech professionals to share their purpose, values and best practices.
Latin America

DUOC - Chile

DUOC, part of the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, redefined its educational model with Doctums and strategically implemented institutional improvements, processes, and data governance.
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Latin America

UVM - Mexico

UVM strategically navigated the complexities of selecting and implementing a new Student Information System (SIS) to improve the academic experience for more than 207,000 students on 44 campuses.
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