Doctums Assure

Accurate, consistent, and auditable quality assurance is the cornerstone to maintaining a stable technology environment. Integrating a highly structured QA layer will ensure consistent positive outcomes in upgrades processes, software development or system modifications. In our conversations with CIO’s and CTO’s we have found that testing is often done without a consistent methodology and competes for resources with the institution’s core business processes. This conflict causes delays, lapses in attention to best practices, and missing system and process change documentation required for audits.

How we help

Doctums Testing as a Service is a solution for teams that may be struggling to allocate the necessary time and resources to perform consistent, robust testing for ongoing enterprise software implementations, upgrades or system environment changes. Our service is staffed with highly qualified and experienced testers that follow proven QA and DevOps best practices. Using an external service allows your institution to focus on mission critical activities while having the peace of mind that quality assurance in your IT change management process will be done consistently, thoroughly with auditable results.

Why this is different

Our key differentiator is that our service is performed by a team with decades of experience in higher education and that understands all the critical components of a student lifecycle and administrative processes. We have worked with all major SIS, ERP, HCM, LMS and CRM vendors and can take on any aspect of your operations.

Doctums Global will transform your testing procedures to a consistent, comprehensive, auditable process that reduces strain on your functional and technical resources. You can be assured that testing is completed in the cycles you define, that it is comprehensive and thorough, and will reduce overall risk while accelerating your timelines for production releases.
TaaS, like all of our technology service subscription offerings, frees up your technology and administrative teams to invest in strategic projects, initiatives and student success.

How we deliver

Our rapid methodology and understanding of your technology architecture, allows us within a matter of weeks to begin delivering the service with test cases completely tailored to your environment. As shown below, typical set up takes approximately 3 weeks from kickoff to the completion of a full test cycle. Each additional full test cycle can be run in a few days depending on the number of test cases required.

  • Sign up

    Define the systems, use cases and cycles that will be included in your subscription
    Identify the process steps for your use cases

  • Create scripts

    Doctums writes the scripts to document the step by step process for each use case

  • Install

    Install the upgrade into the test environment

  • Run

    Doctums ensures the environment is ready and run the tests

  • Deliver reports

    Doctums generates a detailed report of the outcomes from the use case tests including test parameters, environment, output, expected results, and recommendations

  • Review

    You can then review the documentation, adjust as needed, send cases back to be re-tested, or install the upgrade or update in your production environment, and deploy to your organization