Doctums Shield

At a time when complex cyberattacks continue to rise, education institutions are challenged to effectively assess and deal with these significant threats. Most security experts agree that schools are prime targets because of the amount of data they manage, and the diversity of constituent access that must be provided.

How we help

Expedited Security Assessment is a service offering focused on assisting institutions with identifying where they may have vulnerabilities in their IT security infrastructure. This service is an engagement delivered over 3 weeks that covers the most critical areas of risk.

External Vulnerability Assessment
The project starts with determining whether your primary website contains technical vulnerabilities that could expose your institution to external hackers. You are provided with an industry standard scorecard that identifies and evaluates each vulnerability.

Remote Access Security Assessment
From there, our team determines your vulnerabilities based on remote access users. We verify that your security protocols are locked down so that your constituents feel secure in their online interactions, and prevent bad actors from compromising them to expose and exploit potential vulnerabilities. This part of the assessment focuses on students, parents, faculty and staff remote access.

Ransomware Risk Awareness Assessment
Finally, our security team works with you to assess your exposure to ransomware. Hackers are continually probing your network and your systems looking for the smallest opening to penetrate your systems and wreak havoc. This ransomware assessment reviews 17 areas of potential weakness, which is used to make recommendations on preventative measures to help you lock out nefarious players.

Why this is different

Our team is made up of experienced IT Security professionals who have impeccable academic credentials and have been associated with organizations such as Google, ScotiaBank, BankBoston NA, and Transbank S.A. This team has experience working with and developing the most stringent global security requirements standards.

The Expedited Security Assessment will confirm that your technology team is updated on evolving attack modes and how to prevent them, while providing advice to strengthen your defenses.

Additionally, our Security team will provide recommendations on how to keep your risk low and how to keep your security strategy ahead of the game. We deliver these services at a predictable, low price because of our specialization, use of automation and economies of scale. Our extensive knowledge of administrative and system process operations across an institution’s functional ecosystem enhances our service delivery.

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